Thursday, December 2, 2010

GIVE/LOVE is Here Now!

Free copies of GIVE/LOVE ship today!

Bees and Trees - Free copies of GIVE/LOVE ship today!

At a lean and mean 16 minutes, it is the perfect soundtrack for impromptu Christmas parties with your most erudite pals, or when you’re all alone. You’ll feel like mistletoe has been hung on your brain. It’s that good!

Listen to a sample of “I Can't Sleep (On Christmas Eve)” performed by the Snowman Electrical Band, from GIVE/LOVE.

I Can't Sleep (On Christmas Eve) - Snowman Electrical Band

If you haven’t already done so, send us your mailing address and we will send you a copy. For free!


  1. I would love a copy!

    My address is :
    1108 W.Franklin St. Richmond, Va 23220

  2. we sent a cd to this address but it was returned to us due to an "insufficient address." we're confused too. if you're still interested you can download the cd at