Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Danny Heller Solo Show at George Billis, LA

For Danny Heller's upcoming solo exhibition at the George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles he will be showing a new body of work focusing on LAX (the Los Angeles International Airport). The personal is ever political.

In depicting LAX Heller's personal affinity for mid-century Modern architecture subtly sneaks into the shared space of post-9/11 anxiety and loss. Airports don't mean what they once did. In choosing LAX as a subject Heller acknowledges his familiar loves (mid-century Modern architecture, Los Angeles), but this work alludes to something that touches all of us. The light and shadows in Heller's work bring a temporal quality to his subjects. Years grind on, endless arrivals and departures. However, in Heller's work LAX stands as a monument to a style and an idealism (and a style of idealism) that we may, or may not, be losing. Heller's gorgeous paintings can serve to remind us that that choice is ours. Our highest ideals might just die harder than our habits of fear and anxiety.

Danny Heller's solo exhibition opens October 15.
Danny Heller's website