Sunday, November 28, 2010


GIVE/LOVE is out DEC.2
GIVE/LOVE is out DEC.2
GIVE/LOVE is out DEC.2

Bees and Trees have produced an awesome Christmas album!

GIVE/LOVE is performed by the Snowman Electrical Band and produced by Bees and Trees. We are mailing the CDs out for FREE! Send us your mailing address and you will get a copy of GIVE/LOVE. We will begin shipping the CDs on DEC.2.

A limited number of copies come in full color sleeves. Send your address right away and get one!

For a year we have wanted to put out some kind of Christmas recording. There are so many popular Christmas albums and songs that we like. Working with the Snowman Electrical Band allowed us combine our appreciation of straightforward, un-ironic Christmas tunes with Snowman’s more psychedelic penchant.

We are all very proud of the seven tracks that make up GIVE/LOVE and we can’t wait to share it with you.