Thursday, July 2, 2009

Siempre la Luna - Blog/Home Boy Shout Out

There’s a strange wind blowing out of Portland, Oregon. It carries the ominous sound of Slayer riffs and the smell of six year old pizza. I’m all a-flutter. I have reconnected with my friend Justin.

Justin is web-master of the blog Siempre la Luna, on which he recently gave Bees and Trees a most complimentary shout out. With peerless wit and insight Siempre la Luna covers robots, Japanese junk food, heavy metal thunder and disc golf—and that is just skimming the surface.

There are more hours in Justin’s day than yours or mine, and he doesn’t sleep. He is a lighting technician, self-proclaimed I.T. superhero, guitar virtuoso, composer, disc golf champion and wordsmith. All of his projects have the volume turned up to eleven and a built-in-the-basement, mad scientist singularity of vision.
Grab your shades, (because you’re gonna need ‘em), and go get inspired.

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