Monday, November 10, 2014

New K V blog:

If you have ever seen Three’s Company and paid any attention at all to the set that is Jack, Janet, and Chrissy’s (and then Cindy’s, and then Terri’s) apartment, that gives you some idea of the type of apartment complex in which I live. In fact, it was built in 1978, right when Three's Company, which is set in Santa Monica, was hitting its ratings peak. Lamentably my apartment is not in Santa Monica and just as lamentably, there is a sad lack of shag carpeting and macrame. However, there are enough perverts, sociopaths, and elderly hysterics to keep things interesting. A sense of humor is essential for keeping the tragedies of complex-living in perspective. You absolutely would not believe what these people think is recyclable.

One afternoon, a visiting friend remarked that if he fell asleep somewhere and woke up right where he was standing he would swear he was in Santa Monica. I told him about how the complex made me think of Three’s Company and that was why I wanted to move in. My friend was looking up at a palm tree and didn't say anything. Later, he mentioned Santa Monica again, but I didn’t say anything else about Three’s Company. That kind of talk isn’t for everybody. I get that.

I started a new blog over here>> BXTXKV.COM

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  1. I think we're also missing a Chrissy. But that's actually ok with me :)