Friday, December 7, 2012

Seasonal spraypaint

The last picture shows a lot of what I like about Christmas and my particular taste in art. The window has this spray-snow-stuff on it. It's Christmas/holiday-time so that makes sense, but it's also the California coast, so there's some irony.

We are involved in an understanding with the person who sprayed the snow stuff on the window that it's not real, it represents an idea. The distance between the spray-snow on the sunny coast and little piles of real snow in the corners of a window in a place where it's cold enough for that is pretty far. This painted circle design is blunt short-hand for ideas about snow and "the holidays," but also culture and community. It's a display for all of us to look at and feel like, "yeah, I see what you're saying there."

Also, the person who created this had to move their arm in a circle and all around to create the design. I'm aware of in-the-moment-decision-making, which really appeals to me.


  1. I also see what you're saying here. These photos are great!

    1. Thanks! It was a nice morning to be out an about on the island.