Thursday, August 23, 2012

Alameda Ratchet Girls and Their Gnarly Panties

We've lived in some pretty filthy cities, NYC and Detroit among them. I've seen all kinds of horrifying, illicit, rude, and bizarre things in the street. I've seen people shoot and smoke drugs, take shits, fist fight, and vomit. I've seen plenty of the residual aftermath of such activities.

Anyway, now we live in a pretty nice place. There's really only garden-variety litter in the streets here, with one exception. The ladies of Alameda are leaving their panties all over the place. Not sure if I want to know why.

I never encounter wet, twisted panties on the sidewalk without experiencing the same queasy mix of repulsion and attraction I first felt as a kid when I saw the inner sleeve of "Appetite for Destruction."

It doesn't get much more ratchet than leaving your undies lying around outside. But, do your thing, ladies.