Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Christmas Party" by the Snowman Electrical Band. FREE Streaming/Download!!!

Bees and Trees are proud to present "Christmas Party," the new EP from the Snowman Electrical Band! This recording marks the third time we've worked with the Snowman Electrical Band and the third time was indeed a charm. The chops are tight, displaying the Snowmen as refreshingly on-point and prepared!

There are two Snowman Electrical Band originals, "Christmas Time" and "Heart and Mind," and a handful of Yuletide standards that are given the Snowman Electrical once-over. There's even a remix of BxT- and Snowman Electrical-favorite, the Carpenters!

Making this EP was a blast and we are happy to offer it to you for absolutely FREE streaming and download. You can even print the crazy cover art and make your own Christmas gifts-- or whatever! Enjoy!

Merry Christmas, everybody. From us to you, we love you!
Peace on earth.

Christmas Party by theSnowmanElectricalBand

click here to download the cover art and credits

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