Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reunited. And you know how that feels...

When I was 12, I bought this guitar at a pawn shop for 100 bucks. It used to have a Gretsch/Bigsby tailpiece on it which I let some dude talk me into trading for the Ibanez tailpiece that's on it now. Bad move, but I was young. I took the pick guard off of it, but I still have it so no harm done there.

One instrument lead to another and this Univox "Effie" got relegated to a closet in my parent's house where it languished for more than a decade. A month ago I rescued it and took it to the guitar shop to have it cleaned up and set up, which cost 27 dollars. I got it back yesterday and I'm so psyched.

I put the Jaclyn Smith sticker on it when I was 15, a misguided stab at irony. Oh well.

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