Friday, August 6, 2010

Phish on Phriday: You Enjoy Myself with Fireworks!

Last month we went to two Phish shows: 7-2 in Charlotte and 7-3 in Alpharetta. Even though the shows were in different cities they both happened at places called Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, which I take as a creepy sign of the times.

Anyway, I didn’t really try to gets tickets for July 4 (also in Alpharetta), and I wasn’t sweating it. But then, I became consumed by the thought that the July 4th show was going to end with “You Enjoy Myself” with fireworks during the Vocal Jam. I was sure of it, and I was starting to bum out because I was going to miss it. Boy was I psyched when set 2 in Charlotte ended with a really cool YEM, the Vocal Jam of which features bits of “Proud Mary” and “Get Back.” (Charlotte also got the first “Fuck Your Face” since 1987!)

Here’s a video shot by Bees from the lawn during “Get Back.”

So we were stoked on hearing YEM and making our way through the lot minutes later, fireworks! You Enjoy Myself with fireworks! You never know.

The next night in Alpharetta we got hear some stuff I never thought I would hear-- “Destiny Unbound,” “McGrupp,” and “Sanity.” I thought “Slave to the Traffic Light” was righteous, and Bees got to hear “Prince Caspian,” which she really likes.


  1. I have to come back to revisit this post to watch the videos (I'm at work), but I just wanted to say that your "About Us" write up is probably the best one I've ever read. (I love the line about being crippled by insanity and despair).

    While I'm at it, I'm also going to plug a new little website I'm working on, called It's a free site to sell vintage and handmade, and there's no fees! Hope you can find the time to check it out!

  2. Thanks! The "About Us" was a collaboration, and therefor lots of fun.
    Best of luck with your site-- great idea! free me indeed.