Saturday, April 17, 2010

Danny Heller - Palm Springs Exhibition

Last summer, we posted a feature about the paintings of Danny Heller. The essay is published on the back cover of the exhibition catalogue of Heller’s 2010 solo exhibition at Terrence Rogers Fine Art in Palm Springs, California.

Heller’s paintings in the Palm Springs exhibition, Heller’s third solo show with the Terrence Rogers Gallery, depict Mid-Century Modern suburban architecture and furnishings of Southern California. This group of paintings is Heller’s most complex and alluring.

Many of these new paintings feature hard-edged shadows that bisect the compositions. The effect is similar to that of the formal shadows of film noir. As in many noir films of the late 1940’s, Heller’s Palm Springs paintings suffuse scenes of Southern California opulence with paranoia and secrecy.

Stills from He Walked By Night (1948)

Some paintings depict scenes at dusk or at night. The visual language is that of drama, suspense, and fear. Heller’s Palm Springs paintings have roots that reach more aspects and attitudes of Mid-Century Southern California than the subject matter immediately suggests.

See the paintings here:
Danny Heller Art

Or on the Terrence Rogers site.

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