Friday, January 15, 2010

Phish on Phriday

Here we go with the first installment of our new and cleverly titled weekly feature in which we’ll provide some Phish tunes to get the weekend moving in the right direction.

And what better a way to kick the whole thing off than with some selections from my first Phish show: 10-16-1994, Memorial Auditorium in Chattanooga, TN. It’s a great show replete with relative rarities. My ticket stub is a real sign of the times. In the first place it really is a stub, because someone tore the ticket in half with their hands,(as opposed to scanning it with a laser), and in the second place the ticket itself cost $18.50. Crazy.

Phish on Phriday Chattanooga TN 1994 10 16 Ticket Stub Newspaper Clipping

Rift and Horn start the show with style. Not rare but still fresh.

Rift, Horn - Phish - 1994-10-16

Also from set one is TMWSIY>Alvenu Malkenu>TMWSIY, which certainly surprised me. I won’t be holding my breath until I hear another one of these.

TMWSIY>Alvenu Malkenu>TMWSIY - Phish - 1994-10-16

Check out how quiet and respectful we in the audience are during the delicate opening of the second set Fluffhead.

Fluffhead - Phish - 1994-10-16

I also won’t be holding my breath until I get another encore like this: Highway to Hell and Harpua.

Highway to Hell, Harpua - Phish - 1994-10-16

Maybe next we’ll get into some more Fall ’94 jams.

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