Friday, August 14, 2009

The Ghost, The Beast, The Chief, The Hawk, (Part 2)

“LSD is the bomb.” – Sgt. Joe Friday

Justin, over at Siempre La Luna, has composed a brilliant piece of music based on “The Ghost, The Beast, The Chief, The Hawk.” Refreshingly, his composition bears exactly none of the stereotypical earmarks of “acid rock,” and as a result it captures the para-linguistic nature of the LSD experience perfectly. But it doesn’t stop there.

The Ghost, The Beast, The Chief, The Hawk

I am absolutely astounded by the way in which Justin’s composition, also entitled “The Ghost, The Beast, The Chief, The Hawk,” provides such a suitable audio aspect to an idea that I evoked visually with my mandalas. An essential dimension now exists in Justin’s composition for describing the archetypal symbology present in “The LSD Story” episode of Dragnet. Do yourself a favor and go over to Siempre La Luna and read all about the conceptual underpinnings of the music as well as the technical wherefore’s and whatnot’s of it’s composition and arrangement.

Like all of the best and most complex music, “The Ghost, The Beast, The Chief, The Hawk” rewards repeated, and detailed, listening. Genius in its conception, expert in its execution and eloquent in its evocative capabilities, “The Ghost, The Beast, The Chief, The Hawk” will likely provide you with the most transcendent experience of your day. An MP3 of this sonic gem is downloadable at Siempre La Luna.

In order to keep things in (ahem) proper perspective, and to give Jack Webb his due, here are a few words from Joe Friday. Be safe, kids.

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