Friday, July 17, 2009

High Desert

I might be a little slow on the draw, but I just found out about Neil Krug and his collaboration with girlfriend Joni Harbeck. It seems they've been spending their time out in the desert taking gorgeous photos and no one bothered to tell me about it. These images satisfy everything I want from a photograph. They're beautifully composed, the subject matter is 70's pulp (that's not a necessity for me, but it helps), and the colors are stunning. Washed out, low contrast color has become the latest craze (polaroid anyone?), but these instant gems really take it a step further. When was the last time you stripped down to nothing but your headdress for a photo shoot?

All Photographs taken by Neil Krug

See the collaboration site here - Pulp Art Book

And his fab flickr here - Neil Krug on flickr


  1. Yeah I saw those awhile ago; they're fabulous!

  2. Very cool and 70s looking. Great stuff!

  3. I'd seen these before, love them!