Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

The results are in! One lovely Leslie of Stymiepie Studios has awarded us with the "One Lovely Blog Award."

In accordance with the acceptance of this award we are to pass along the love to 15 (or so) other blogs we think are equally lovely. So we've decided to honor all our blog friends and followers (plus a few extra).

If you see your name on our list you can pass the award along as you like. We don't like to abide strictly by the rules, so feel free to make up your own!
Peace and love from Bees and Trees. Enjoy!

Haute Whimsy
That Wondrous Time
Loomin' Blog
Jellybeans Art
Lilly Shay Style
Lemonade Sun Productions
Photos by Rosie
A Journey Called Life
Dalkullan Jewelry
The Gentle Bear
Letter Writers Alliance
Hula Seventy
Geninne's art blog
Hey Harriet
Roadside Projects
Rosie Hillman Photography
Found paper Co.
Felix and Jayne
cabin + cub
fabulously funky
my polaroid blog
The Uniform project
Paper Pie


  1. Thank you for this award! It's different from the other "One Lovely Blog Award" Ilike it :)