Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bees' Bermuda Triangle Theory

Bees here with an exciting update about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.
I have the answer to the long standing question of what's behind the strange disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle region.
Hard to believe? Yes, but it's true.

Pictured above is the area widely known as the Bermuda Triangle. Over the years many planes and ships have disappeared under mysterious circumstances in this region and no one has ever been able to come up with a conclusive explanation as to why. Until now! (Imagine some really heavy music at this point.)

Now we all know that the Earth's Magnetic Field is in the process of reversing. If you don't know this or believe me check out some facts (from Nature), findings (National Geographic), and figures. And during a reversal several million years ago there were fluctuations in the Earth's Magnetic field of up to 6 degrees within a day! Woah.

This diagram shows the current variation of the field.

This shows how the field has fluctuated over the past few hundred years.

Looking at the images depicting earth's magnetic field you can see that the field varies considerable from place to place and from time to time. My hypothesis is that the degree of variation/fluctuation within the Bermuda triangle is such that it causes flights, etc. to go off course irreparably.

Pilots of smaller planes generally plot their flight plans according to true north, however the navigation while in flight is plotted by magnetic north and is controlled by electronic equipment. There would be major discrepancies between the flight plan and the actual course if the magnetic field were fluctuating. If North were to change by even a few degrees it could put a pilot so far off course they would never reach their destination.

So there's my theory.

It's either that or as Lawrence Kusche explained in his book The Bermuda Triangle Mystery - Solved there really is no Bermuda Triangle because statistically occurrences of disappearances are the same as in every other region of the ocean...
You decide!


  1. Thanks heaps, this really helped me with study... to find out some stuff, really interesting..and i think i might read that book by lawrence kusche, and i recomend a movie for you, its called the bermuda triangle, it has like 4 parts or something to it and its really interesting.. you should check it out :)
    Thankss xx

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